Ever walked by Crawford Place and thought to yourself “Why does this street even have a name?

Used as a nesting place for dumpsters, this stretch of Crawford Place has definitely been under-utilized for some time now. It’s an unfortunate incident because, with a bit of revitalization,  Crawford could be a fantastic corridor with pocket cafés, street food, vendors, and so one.

An example of empty real estate on Crawford that could be converted to a pocket café.

Here is our modest proposal: Repave, or brick this stretch and level the sidewalks. Install street lamps to illuminate the place and promote safety. Add green elements as well. Finally add proper signage to alert drivers and pedestrians alike that they are about to enter a Zone de Rencontre. Done. Voila! We now have a nice quite safe place to travel by motor vehicle, by alternative means, or even a place to congregate.

To go a step further, repave Crawford Place between Pine Street & Olive Way. Then provide clearly marked intersect points on cross streets. Now, we would also have an enhanced limited access right-of-way connecting Pike/Pine with businesses, residences, and bus stops on Olive Way.