Now with the recommendations by SDOT and Mayor McGinn, it is looking like the Broadway alignment is the one to be constructed.  The 12th Avenue (My personal pick) option and Boren are effectively dead in the water. Overall, if done right, the two-way Broadway route does have potential to completely reshape the entire streetscape in that corridor.

Last month the Capitol Community Council released their vision for a streetcar integrated Broadway with separated bike and pedestrian lanes and well as a condensed motor vehicle right-of-way. If this vision were to come to fruition it could provide a fantastic opportunity to have a combined Broadway-Nagle Place pedestrian and bicycle oriented business district.

CHCC's vision for a streetcar integrated Broadway

Some neighbors are lobbying for an extension to the line that would have it terminating at Aloha Street as opposed to the already proposed termination point at the future Capitol Hill Link Station. All of these factors do definitely need to be taken into account when designing transit oriented development, but anyway you look at it it is looking like Capitol Hill could be one of the most walkable transit and pedestrian oriented communities in the county within 6 years.

Here is to hoping. With this new development, Open Alleyways has some ideas on how to provide an integrated connection to buses, light rail, the streetcar, business and residences and is looking forward to putting something together for viewing under our Nagle Place section.