Ever walked by Crawford Place and thought to yourself “Why does this street even have a name?”

Open Alleyways vision of Crawford Place, between Pike & Pine Streets

Used as a nesting place for dumpsters, this stretch of Crawford Place has definitely been under-utilized for some time now. Here is our modest proposal: Repave, or brick this stretch and then stripe it with a bikeway and a pedestrian path. Install street lamps to illuminate the place and promote safety. Lastly, install poles limiting access from Pike & Pine and clearly mark the only service entrance as “Do not Enter.”

Done. Voila! We now have a nice, short pedestrian and bicycle bypass.

To go a step further, repave Crawford Place between Pine Street & Olive Way. Then provide clearly marked intersect points on cross streets. Now, we would have a dedicated bike/pedestrian way for one block, and we would have an enhanced limited access right-of-way connecting First Hill & Pike/Pine with businesses, residences, and bus stops on Olive Way.