With Development and retail/restaurant spaces currently filling up at the Melrose Market Building project, we are presented with a unique opportunity for a new business hub in the lower Pike/Pine corridor. Coupled with long standing resident businesses such as Bauhaus, Melrose Avenue between Pike and Pine is an ideal location for a closed alley-plaza.

Open Alleyways vision for Melrose Avenue Marketplace

Imagine relaxing  in expanded outdoor seating areas that spill out on to the street. How about having a bite to eat or a cup of coffee on a nice spring or summer evening? Maybe even enjoying the sites and sounds of Seattle as your kick back where not long ago their would have been a flock of cars waiting for the light.

This area is also poised for great potential as the gateway to Pike/Pine and Capitol Hill in general. Within easy walking distance of buses, light rail, hotels, and attractions could be the first island in network of different, eye-catching urban open public spaces on Capitol Hill.


  • Mixed Pedestrian and bike walkway plaza area
  • Room for outdoor seating for restaurants
  • Open access for specific service vehicles
  • Integrated existing business parking by adding driveway/temporary parking
  • Level sidewalk/street area blends into one right-of-way
  • Promotes safety by providing adequate lighting sources
  • Accessible by Downtown, Capitol Hill, and First Hill via Pike & Pine Streets
  • Large enough area to host special events
  • Close to major bus lines and within walking distance to Link Light Rail
  • Continues to allow motor vehicles an access way between Pike & Pine by routing traffic directly to adjacent Minor Avenue